Vanessa Grounds: A Short Story

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Blowing dark brown bangs from her eyes, Vanessa Grounds looked around the sleepy atmosphere of her history class and glanced at the clock that hung loosely over the door. The clicking of Mrs. Heath’s keyboard and her classmate’s pens lulled her into a daydream, and she rested her head on her thick, almost plush, textbook. “Vanessa! Get your face out of your pasta!” hissed a girl in a pale yellow gown. Vanessa lifted her head and blinked to see a stupefyingly gorgeous chandelier above her; lavish decorations lit up by candlelight; professional waiters trained in the art of table service, and people in expensive outfits. She subconsciously checked what she was wearing and was surprised to see herself adorned in a black dress decorated with diamonds. “Where am I?” she murmured. The girl in yellow answered, “I…show more content…
She lifted her head and noticed that she was all alone in a dark forest. In the distance, she heard the howl of a coyote and sharp, cold air bit at her face and arms; Salty, cool raindrops drizzled as if the sky was crying down at her. Vanessa stood up and looked above her, where stars were twinkling and rain blurred her vision. Around her there were no signs of human life. She ran, trying to find someone, or at least a shelter. She tore through brambles that pulled and pierced her skin. Blood ran down her arms, and she heard a coyote howl again… The bell rang, and Mrs. Heath called, “Turn in your textbooks!” Vanessa looked at the clock, signaling the end of the period. As she turned her book in, Mrs. Heath told her, “Hopefully tomorrow you won’t be as incompetent.” Vanessa ignored her and walked out of the class to hear a crash behind her. The old clock had finally fallen and shattered. About time, she thought. As she walked into the crowded halls she was almost immediately shoved against the lockers. Her books fell out of her hands and she crashed onto the
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