Vanessa and Disegregated Schools

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“.... I would have liked to have experienced the all black school, I enjoy my people.” Vanessa Warren is addressing the integration of the public schools in the late 1960’s. Warren was born on January 17, 1958 in Lancaster, Kentucky to Madison and Anna Warren. Her father worked in a sewage treatment plant and her mother worked as cafeteria worker in the public schools. Vanessa Warren started attending school the year of integration in the Garrard County school system, while her two older sisters had the opportunity to attend the segregated schools. There is a common belief that all African Americans wanted to wanted complete integration from public water fountains to public school systems. In the south the father racism outside of racism were Jim Crow laws, his son was “separate but equal”. This gave birth to the idea of legal segregation. The idea of a separate but equal society had been deemed acceptable by the United States Supreme Court case of Plessy v. Ferguson.
However, as seen with Warren’s statement this is was not necessarily the case. In the 1980’s a perpetuation theory was developed that examined the probable cause for this anti-desegregation thinking within some African American students. The perpetuation theory is based around the idea of African Americans perpetually segregating themselves from a lack experience in a desegregated environment. In the absence of this knowledge these students begin to underestimate and overestimate the hostility of

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