Vang Pao Essay

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In 1965 General Vang Pao was recruited by the CIA to help them fight a war in Laos, while the Vietnam war was going on. The CIA, General Vang Pao, American troops and the Hmong veterans were fighting against the Lao communist and the Vietnamese soldiers. The Lao communist government structurally declared genocide on the Hmong. They came to every Hmong village that thought supported the Americans. The communist slaughtered, burned, and raped the Hmongs. The war was kept secret by the American Government because the CIA didn’t have permission to go to Laos, but Vietnam. Reason why the war was called the “Secret war”
General Vang Pao was born in the Nonghet, Xiangkhouang in the region of Laos on December 8th, 1929. During his teenage years he fought in the world war 2 because Japan was trying to take over Laos. In the 1950’s, he joined with the French in the war against the North Vietnamese who were trying to subjugate Laos. Later then he was recruited by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) while there was a war going on near the mountains in Laos against the Pathet Laos, and people’s army of Vietnam. General Vang Pao was a strong and confident man who wasn’t afraid to die for his Hmong people or his homeland. He was known as a major general in the Royal Lao Army and a Hmong leader in the Hmong
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Since I became your leader in 196,’ I have brought you education. I befriended with the Americans. I acquired monies to help you build schools and hospitals and new homes.” Says, Gen. Vang Pao for his Hmong youth’s. He wanted his Hmong people to have knowledge, so his Hmong people won’t struggle like how Gen. Vang Pao used to struggle back in Laos. Even though General Vang Pao is not here with his Hmong people no more. He will always be known and told in the Hmong and American history, of what he had done to help the Hmong American
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