Vanity Fair, By Chris Fraser Essay

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Vanity Fair is one of the largest apparel companies in the world. Founded in 1899 as Reading Glove and Mitten Company, it has expanded into a multi brands company and what is know today as Vanity Fair. over the years Vanity Fair has acquired many companies such as, The North Face, Vans, Nautica, Reef, Kipling, Eastpak, Majestic, etc…. Vanity Fair’s strategic growth plan includes expanding into markets outside the United States, countries such as Russia, India, and China, and expanding its direct to consumer business by creating its own stores and online based retailing. Vanity Fair’s president, Chris Fraser proposes the “third way” sourcing to lower cost.

The complexity of the product line and the wide variety of the brands’ needs and priorities make it difficult for Vanity fair to run its supply chain. It is a challenge for Vanity Fair to keep up with the continuously changing product designs. Rapid replenishment is also a challenge. Major retailers required Vanity fair to replenish inventories within 8 days so they can minimize inventory costs. In this area, Vanity Fair competes with Zara, which is known for fast replenishment of inventory throughout a season. Therefore, Vanity Fair needs a responsive and flexible supply chain.

Fraser points out that, “for the past few decades, supply chain strategy in apparel was focused on chasing low cost labor from one country to the next. Today, apparel is produced just about everywhere on

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