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I'm smarter than you think, but I don't show it because it offers my "enemies" blind confidence and prejudice in accordance to my colloquially-minimal cognitive attributes. Which in turn leads to a process of second-person ridicule; this is, it makes you seem stupid...Yet this is the Internet and therefore I cannot lecture you on characteristics of body-language and besides, that would be illogical. Thus, I hereby wish to express that my liaison with the VanossGaming community has nothing to do with my intelligence.

As for the former comment, I'll break it down to you: the USA has the world's largest domestic GDP with the worst deficit. In fact, the 17 trillion dollars that the United States owes to China could doom your nation if the other state was to stop paying back the debt. In that case, such loss would result in absolute poverty with the addition of national bankruptcy. No money = no future; without enough money to pay the United States military this superpower would be forced to withdraw most -- if not all -- of its troops world-wide, causing major instability in the countries it currently serves due to the affluent absence of a highly-trained militia. To sum it up, the most empoverished national governments would be mandated to relinquish their authority on their people as various radical groups would rise up and start revolutions...which could eventually lead to potential civil wars. With so many nation-states out of balance and control, obvious reasons dictate that a worst-case scenario is: WWIII.
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Well I'm here to explain this: if (or when) countries experience such severe losses then they'll become angry, anarchy will erupt, and our beloved United States of America shall be labeled, "Enemy #1". Then there's NATO but that's a completely different topic; hence, empires rise and fall and -- naturally individuals who are declared Enemy #1 tend to be hunted and finalize (if you know what I
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