Vapor Pens Vs. Traditional Cigarettes

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Marcus coon
Miss. Royse
English 4
7 April 2015

Vapor pens VS. Traditional Cigarettes

7,000 to 4,000 is a big difference when comparing second hand smoke. So my opinion vapor pens are better for you than a traditional cigarette. They are a safer alternative to smoking. I have watched my parents spend countless amounts of money smoking and seen the aging affect right before my own eyes. I have also seen the restrictions that come with for example in places like six flags. They have to go to a smoking area and with vapors you don 't have to. They are cheaper in the long run, are safer to smoke, and are accessible in public places.

Vapor pens are safer to use than smoking cigarettes. Vapor pens don 't give off smoke they give off vapor instead of smoke. The smoke in cigarettes is more deadly than the vapor when smoking a vapor pens. A vapor pen contains a few of the harmful chemicals contained in cigarettes (health day). One study shows that none of the cancer causing elements in cigarettes are in vapor pens making this more safe then cigarettes (healthday).

Vapor pens are cheaper compared to traditional cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes can cost you $1, 587.75 - $3, 276 at $4.34 per to almost $11 per pack (vapor). Vapor pens cost less and could save you almost $1,500 per year. Vapor pens use what is called e- juice or e- liquid. A 10 ml bottle is equivalent to 5 packs of cigarettes. A 15 ml bottle is about the same as a 7.5 packs of cigarettes. A 30 ml bottle is…
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