Vaquita Research Paper

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Although there are many marine mammals, one of the smallest of all is also one of the most uncommon animals. The vaquita porpoise is highly endangered for many reasons. . There are approximately thirty vaquitas remaining in the ocean today. The vaquita porpoise is a very fascinating animal in a numerous amount of ways (“Vaquita, the World’s Most Endangered Marine Mammal”). If someone were to search for the vaquita, they would be found in the shallow water of the northern Gulf of California. However, they are only found in the shallow parts of the sea. The vaquita habitat is most known as the Sea of Cortez, Sea of Cortes or Vermilion Sea; Locals know it as the Golfo de California. Its habitat is a body of water that separates the Baja California Peninsula from the Mexican mainland. The Mexican government created a reserve in 1993. This reserve was called the Gulf of California Biosphere reserve.…show more content…
The average number of offspring produced is one. They give birth every two years approximately. The offspring stays in the womb about ten to eleven months. Although little is known about the vaquita reproduction, researched believe that reproduction of the vaquita is similar to that of harbor porpoise. If this is to be true, sexual maturity is obtained at three to five years of age and the gestation period is probably eleven months.When a vaquita is born, they are born darker than the mother vaquita (“Basic Facts About Vaquitas”). The vaquita is one of the smallest animals in the sea, they are smaller than full grown human beings. The pectoral and the dorsal fins are larger than the vaquita itself. This animal known as the vaquita is made different from any other porpoise. The vaquita is the most rare animal found from sea, and is on the urge to becoming extinct. They have dark rings around their eyes. There lips have a think line that connects to their pectoral fins. The vaquita sides is a pale grey color (“Basic Facts About
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