Varcarolis Chapter 24 Exam Questions Essay

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Varcarolis: Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
Chapter 24: Suicide

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. A student has committed suicide. Which statement(s) about those left behind after suicide is accurate? a. | A suicide makes survivors more conscious of risk factors and more motivated to reduce risk in themselves and others, leading to a reduced risk of suicide in survivor groups. | b. | The first few weeks after a suicide are the most difficult and are when survivors are at highest risk; the risk then returns quickly to its pre-suicide level as time passes. | c. | All survivors are at increased risk, should be assessed for risk at intervals after their loss, and would benefit from ongoing support primary intervention to reduce
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Which of these statements about suicide is accurate? a. | The majority of persons who attempt suicide have given overt or covert indications of their intentions to others. | b. | A background in health care has a protective effect, leading to a lower rate of suicide among physicians and nurses than in the general public. | c. | Most persons with previous suicide attempts survived because they did not truly intend to die; they are at lower risk than those making their first attempt. | d. | Use of a low-lethality means or likelihood of being discovered in time to prevent death are merely suicide gestures, not genuine attempts. |

ANS: A Most persons who later attempt suicide have given some indication of being at risk, of having ideation or intent related to suicide. The suicide rate among physicians and nurses is higher than in the general population; their special knowledge of pharmacology and physiology can make attempts more likely to be lethal. Most people who complete suicide have made at least one previous attempt, and a history of prior attempts is one of the strongest predictors of future risk. Some attempts may appear unlikely to have succeeded from the outset, because the means was one of low lethality (e.g., choking oneself with socks wrapped around the neck) or because circumstances would have led to

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