Variable Cost and Unit Selling Price

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3369. Cost behavior refers to the manner in which: *a. a cost changes as the related activity changes b. a cost is allocated to products c. a cost is used in setting selling prices d. a cost is estimated 3370. The three most common cost behavior classifications are: a. variable costs, product costs, and sunk costs *b. fixed costs, variable costs, and mixed costs c. variable costs, period costs, and differential costs d. variable costs, sunk costs, and opportunity costs 3371. Costs that remain constant in total dollar amount as the level of activity changes are called: *a. fixed costs b. mixed costs c. opportunity costs d. variable costs 3372. Which of the graphs in Figure 20-1…show more content…
variable/fixed cost *b. mixed cost c. discretionary cost d. sunk cost 3387. Which of the following costs is a mixed cost? a. Salary of a factory supervisor b. Electricity costs of $2 per kilowatt-hour *c. Rental costs of $5,000 per month plus $.30 per machine hour of use d. Straight-line depreciation on factory equipment 3388. For purposes of analysis, mixed costs are generally: a. classified as fixed costs b. classified as variable costs c. classified as period costs *d. separated into their variable and fixed cost components 3389. Marcye Co. manufactures office furniture. During the most productive month of the year, 3,500 desks were manufactured at a total cost of $84,400. In its slowest month, the company made 1,100 desks at a cost of $46,000. Using the high-low method of cost estimation, total fixed costs are: a. $56,000 *b. $28,400 c. $17,600 d. cannot be determined from the data given 3390. Given the following cost and activity observations for Bounty Company’s utilities, use the high-low method to calculate Bounty’ variable utilities costs per machine hour. Cost Machine Hours March $3,100 15,000 April 2,700 10,000 May 2,900 12,000 June 3,600 18,000 a. $10.00 b. $.67 c. $.63 *d. $.11 3391. Given the following cost and activity observations for Smithson Company’s utilities, use the high-low method to

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