Variable, Course Code : Research And Methodology

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Topic: variable

COURSE CODE: Research and methodology
SUBMITED TO; Dr. Yasir Hamid Bhat
SUBMITTED BY; NAME= Iningle Ihelung ROLL NO. = G2015CODPOO7 SEMESTER= second semester

Anything that has a measurable characteristic that varies is variable which may change from group to group, a person to person, or even within one person over time. To understand more precisely of what is variable we will deal with the two types of concepts: those that refer to fixed phenomenon and those that vary in quantity, intensity, or amount. The second concept and measures of the concept are variables. A variable is defined as anything that varies or changes in value. It represents a quality that can exhibit differences in values, usually magnitude or strength, it is said anything that may assume different numerical or categorical values. Variables is everywhere to support this we can take examples like, gender is a variable. Two values, male and female, marital status is also a variable, never married, married, divorced or widowed. A person’s attitude toward women empowerment is variable; it range from highly favourable to highly unfavourable. A variable may also be situation specific, example gender is variable, but if in a particular situation like in a class if
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