Variable Factors in Fitness Center

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C.) Variable Factors in Fitness Center There are five areas of interest that would be play an essential role in the variable factors for a fitness center. The first interest would include utilities. Lighting and water plays a crucial role in maintaining the livelihood for a fitness center. The fitness center uses water to provide hot or cold showers to their members after workout, water fountains are available on almost every hall, and not to mention swimming pools and hot tubs that uses large amount of water throughout the year. Quality lighting as well as quantity offers a lot in a fitness center. Fitness centers need adequate amount of lighting so their members can work out effectively as well as safely. Everyone room in a fitness…show more content…
The number of trainers and instructors will be dependent on the membership of a fitness center. The more members that a fitness center has will increase the amount of trainers and instructors to equally distribute their knowledge, skills, and teachings to members. However, if membership decreases than fitness centers may not have a need to have twenty-five trainers or instructors if they could operate with just seven. So, this may affect opportunities for employment on both ends of the spectrum, positively and negatively. D.) Franchise Decision Many people today are turning towards making better lifestyle decisions, those that particularly affect one’s health. If one hasn’t noticed, even fast food restaurants are turning towards healthier food choices. Who would have ever though that McDonalds would actually start selling fruits? People choose to take control of their health benefits in different ways; however, numerous people have turned to fitness centers to stay health and in shape. “The percentage of people belonging to health clubs and gyms has double over the past 20 years” (Snap Fitness, 2012). One contributing factor for this extensive growth is due to the cost of health care continuously increasing. In addition, we are living in a baby boomer generation which plays a major role in the population rate. “Economically, the health club industry has proven to be recession-proof, averaging an 8% annual growth rate since the early 1990’s across all
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