Variable Frequency Electrical System in Conventional Aircraft

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Introduction: Traditionally conventional aircraft uses the secondary power system of electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical power transfer system. Increasing demand of more advance electrical system in aircraft industries has refined the electronic power, fault-control actuator systems into a new level. To reinforce the technological progress of an aircraft electrical system, the concept of More Electric Aircraft (MEA) has been introduced in the electrical system of the aircraft by “replacing non electrical power in the aircraft with electricity.” (Corcau. J.I., Dinca. L., 2012) As flight systems advances, new power generation is necessary which should be able to provide high-quality power generation, and solution might be Variable Frequency electrical system. The Variable frequency is generated with the power of the perfect sine wave and no harmonic distortion. This type of “Variable Frequency is generated from a generator with a 3-stage brushless with the variable speed and generates the frequency from 360 – 800Hz with an output voltage of 200V.” (Fadil. R.A., Eid. A., & Salam. M. A.,2013) Argument For: Variable frequency is one of the reliable and recent innovation electrical power systems in aircraft industry. It is one of the simplest forms of generating power, cheapest and the most reliable. The voltage that is generated from variable generators also effects on subsystems like motors and controllers. It is also known as wild frequency. In Variable
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