Variables Of The Independent Variable Time

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The time series is a group views sorted by time (and often time periods equal and successive periods vary according to the nature of this phenomenon). And time series have important applications in many areas, including economic, trade and population statistics. As time-series models are typically used to predict the variable values. If the variable to be studied is known determinants, and the factors that affect it, is also used in the case of variable is subject to the expectations of its clients, which is reflected in the future based on what happened in the past. Mathematically: we say that the independent variable time (t) and the corresponding values him dependent variable (y) and that each value at time t corresponding values of y variable y is a function of time t in which: y = F (t), The time series analysis of statistical methods task method, which has evolved a lot, and it was possible to use it for the purpose of expectation for the future supply and demand for a commodity or service. And supports time-series analysis to track the phenomenon style (or variable) over a certain time (several years, for example), then expect for the future based on different values that have emerged in the time series and the pattern of growth in values; and this is superior to the conventional method, since the method traditional calculates the difference in value between the only two date ranges of the time series and builds future expectation on the basis of which, without
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