Variations of the Game of Cricket

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Trobriand cricket, engaged by Trobriand Islanders, has been referred to as a distinct variation of standard cricket. Christian missionaries originally introduced cricket to the islands as a sport to discourage war among the populace. The sport has been extensively modified by the Trobriand society through increasing the amount of players, dancing, chanting, and adjusted bats and balls. As the game of cricket substituted war among the people of the island when war was forbidden, it has incorporated most of the older traditions linked with war for the Trobriand nation. The sport also reflects the objective of pride instead of ceremonial tradition, which was introduced to islands by their British conqueror and the American soldier during World War II. The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea were usually horticulturists who demonstrated and achieved prestige and manhood throughout contest. These rivalries included the ability to plant yams, the skill of making good trades and acquiring valuables, and maintaining the strength of a fighter. Conversely, when Europeans missionaries occupied the island, the Trobrianders were required to give up their tradition of warfare. When this happened, they lost a cultural outlet necessary to preserve the political society and equilibrium of power between the Australasian islands. In order to complement this loss, the missionaries initiated the game of cricket to the islanders, soothing their competitive character. Even though this game was

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