Varietal and Generic Wine Label

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Wine label as the only source of information consumers can get about the wine is definitely affects the consumer’s decision. The label is the important recourse for consumer evaluates the wine before purchase. So for the restaurant manager, it is important to design the wine menu and addressing the wine details correctly. There are two types of wine labels: Varietal wine label and Generic wine label. This assignment is going to describe and discuss the positive and negative sides of these two labels, and explain the right way to addressing the label issues. The Generic wine label is widely used in Europe centuries, such as France, Spain and Italy est. To introduce the Generic wine label it should begin with the term “Terroir”. According…show more content…
The negative of Varietal wine label is lack of background culture. Compare with the Generic wine label, the Varietal wine label is appeared because the diffident wine now can grow in one region. The new wine is lack of long history background compare with the French wine. Wine is the classic accompaniment to good food. A carefully selected wine enhance the guest’ dining experience. As the restaurant manager, they need choose the wine and design the wine menu, it is a huge responsibility. They must know anything about the wine they selected, especially the grape variety for the Generic label which is hard for most staffs and customers. Furthermore, the staffs can sale the products only with the correct information of the wine. So there is the basic training is needed. The staffs need to learn the basic grape variety knowledge and how to describe the wine to the consumers. The manager also needs to fill the rest information which the Generic wine label don’t have on the wine bottle to help the staffs remember and in case of customers asked. When the manager designs the wine menu, they should make all the information clearly addressed and correct divided the wine in different variety. There are few things must address on the menu is the grape variety, style of the wine, region, producer’s name. It according the restaurant required there are some more information can be dressed like wine’s volume

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