Variou Houston Biography

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On January 22, 1829, he married nineteen-year-old Eliza Allen of Gallatin, Tennessee and soon after, announced his bid for re-election to the governorship. After eleven weeks and amid much mystery, the marriage ended. Extremely distraught, Houston abruptly resigned from his office on April 16 and fled west across the Mississippi River to Indian Territory, bringing an end to Houston's Tennessee phase and possibly, an eventual run at the presidency of the United States.

He made his way to the lodge of Oolooteka in what is now day Oklahoma to live once again in self-imposed exile among the Cherokees, this time for three years. Among the Indians, he initially drank heavily and secluded himself from contacts with white society. He quickly became active in Indian affairs, was granted Cherokee citizenship, and under Cherokee law, married Diana Rogers Gentry, an Indian woman of mixed blood.

Gradually reinvolving himself in the white world, he made
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He quickly became embroiled in the Anglo-Texans' politics of rebellion. He served as a delegate from Nacogdoches at the Convention of 1833 in San Felipe and in September 1835, he chaired a mass meeting in Nacogdoches to consider the possibility of convening a consultation. By October, Houston had expressed his belief that war between Texas and the central government was inevitable and on March 2, 1836, Texas adopted its Declaration of Independence. Two days later, Houston received the appointment of major general of the Texas army, with instructions to organize the Republic's military forces. Despite problems with infantry discipline, Houston and his men defeated the Mexican forces of Gen. Antonio López de Santa Anna at the decisive battle of San Jacinto on the afternoon of April 21, 1836. At San Jacinto, Sam Houston became forever enshrined as a member of the pantheon of Texas heroes and a symbol for the
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