Various Aspects Of Augmented Reality Essay

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1) Introduction
The purpose of this report is to explain various aspects of Augmented Reality. This Report briefly describes the technology used, types, applications, cost of implementation, merits and demerits of Augmented Reality.
Suppose you have a gadget, which displays information about the things you look at. For example, you focus on a hotel and it displays everything available on internet about that hotel like its menu and reviews by customers, or points towards a stranger sitting in front of you in the bus and it displays his facebook profile etc. Not only these things this technology has much greater possibilities. Figure 1: Retrieved from
Augmented reality (AR) is the combined view of our surrounding with digital information superimposed on it. It superimposes details about that particular thing available on internet, some images and videos and GPS data. As a result, this technology improves the user’s ability to see the real world things by providing all necessary details in front of his eyes to him. The major point that distinguish Augmented Reality from Virtual Reality is that Virtual Reality completely overlaps the real world with simulated one while Augmented Reality allows the user to view the real world with just small alterations to include details of particular things. So, from user’s point of view both real and virtual world would exist at same place. The advance augmented reality technology can recognise various types of
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