Essay on Various Attitudes Toward Love in Romeo and Juliet

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In the first scene of Act one there is the servants Sampson and Gregory talking about sexual love. As they both talk about taking girls virginity. They both sound arrogant as they talk as if it is through experience. To them the thoughts of taking a girl’s virginity seems a joking matter. “... maidenheads – take it...” (maidenheads – virginities) They speak of women as assets instead of people; the two boys also use love as though it is a weapon to hurt. So saying love is painful. Sampson and Gregory are itching for a fight as they both believe that they have just as much right to defend the name ‘capulet’ as any other member of the family. So there is also this love for the name and for the fight as though they are children awaiting…show more content…
They spend a lot of time together as Benvolio finishes some of Romeo’s sentences. “Romeo: Out – Benvolio: Of love?” Romeo seems to be miserable as he is in love with Rosaline yet Rosaline is not in love with him. Once Romeo learns that the Capulet’s are holding a party at which Rosaline is attending he risks his life just to be with the one he loves. Romeo is passionate for love. “She is too fair, too wise; wisely too fair,” There is also a parental love for Juliet when lord Capulet is talking to Paris as he is very overprotective and wants to make sure that his daughter only gets the best. He is also trying to delay the marriage by saying it is better to wait a while. “She is the hopeful lady of my earth.” Lord Capulet does love Juliet but he thinks of himself as the dominant figure. Which is how it would have been as the fathers did tend to take the dominant figure of the family. It is a very unequal relationship. The nurse has a love for Juliet as if she was her own and you can tell this by the way she knows things her mother does not. For example her age. “Faith I can tell her age unto the an hour” This is not a sign of bad parenting but merely the fact that lady Capulet has not been there whereas the nurse has. So the nurse may feel more responsibility towards Juliet as she has brought her up. Lady Capulet seems not to be able to be around her daughter without
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