Various Global Marketing Environments

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Various Marketing Environments All the factors that are external to the organization form the marketing environment for it. These factors also form the marketing environment when we talk about it in a global context. These factors cannot be controlled, even though the marketers can influence these factors to some extent. Social environment can have a great deal of effect on marketing globally. By the social environment we mean the consumption trends of groups and individuals. The main factors that come under the category of social environment are demographic and cultural trends. These two factors mainly control the social environment for marketing. Economic environment consists of the relationship between the production of goods and their purchase in a particular set up. The economic environment also explains the consumption power of the customers. The market activities are also influenced by the political and legal environment. This implies that the market will suffer if there any potential threats and it will grow if the conditions are peaceful. Moreover the laws and regulations of a particular country also constraint the activities of the marketers; however most of the marketers are able to identify the opportunities that result from the regulations and political trends (Vitullo-Martin, 1997). If marketers want to make a good deal of profit, they need to keep a constant check on the technological advances. Many innovative techniques have been introduced that have

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