Various Learning Disabilities

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Learning Disabilities
Unlike other disorders an individual may have, there is no quick way and easy way to confirm or deny a learning disability. There is no x-ray, blood tests, easy and quick surveys to help educators determine whether a learning disability exists. Many of the problems with identifying and assisting children with learning disabilities are to have knowledge of the various learning disabilities and how they affect students. The lack of information available to parents and teachers causes the students to continue to struggle in school and diagnosis for any disabilities to be postponed even further in their schooling.
Finding reliable sources of information for learning disabilities is difficult. The subject is broad
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A student with a learning disability in writing may include the physical act of writing or the ability to comprehend information. Additionally dysgraphia can include the inability to organize thoughts on paper. Some of the symptoms of a written language deficiency can include neatness, spelling consistency, accurate copying of letters and words, and writing organization (Kemp, M.A, Smith, M.A and Segal, Ph.D. par 19). Fionna Pilgrim has outlined the seven causes of dysgraphia to be one of the following: brain damage, physical illness or deformity, intentional poor penmanship, nor or in adequate instruction, this orientation, multiple mental images, or inadequate natural orientation (Pilgrim par 4). A second site visited for information regarding dysgraphia determined the learning disorder was not truly a learning disorder but it was more of an unlearned skill. The source compared this learning disability to learning how to count before you can learn to add and subtract. Additionally it is important to understand the website was from a learning center specializing in helping children with dysgraphia. The site claims to be effective in overcoming dysgraphia by helping the student overcome poor motor skills, poor visual perception of letters and words, and help with poor visual memory (du Plessis, Susan par 5-8). The source which recommended the parent to purchase their product is obviously not as reliable as
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