Various Learning Styles For Students At University

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This essay will be an analysis of various learning styles available to students at university. According to Javis, (2012) knowledge, education and learning techniques run alongside each other. However, as students studying in higher institutions, it is important to understand various learning methods available within the academic premises. Anecdotal observations amongst students has revealed that individual students possess wide spectrum of academic knowledge and ability, as a result, these students are also bound to learn differently either within themselves or from various styles learnt in their higher institutions. Therefore, reviewing different learning styles is paramount in initiating student’s thought process in making changes to their learning programmes by taking advantage of available resources to become more efficient and proactive learners. Finally, this analysis will initiate deeper understanding in various learning styles which will be used to stimulate one’s own personal learning preference and serve as bedrock to which individual’s academic or future career is built upon.
Loo, (2002) described a learning style as a coherent technique that a learner reacts to or rather relates with stimuli within learning circumstances. Learning strategies such as time management and self-assessment skills serves as an integral fragment of learning process within the academic environment (Javis, 2012).According to Honey and Mumford, (1986) personalised individual approaches to
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