Various References of the Congo Essay

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“The Congo” refers to several different areas of Africa, all in the same general area but in different settings. Congo can refer to the political regions of The Democratic Republic of Congo or the Republic of Congo, it’s also possible to refer to the Congo as a geographical location varying as a general location, a rainforest, a river, or a river basin. The Congo River is also known as the Zaire river and the world’s deepest river and due to its depth, it gives the wildlife plenty of places to live but the main use for the Congo River was for hydro power.

The Congo river, also known as the Zaire river, originates from an ancient society dubbed, “Kingdom of Kongo” where the river receives its name. The reasoning behind it’s second name
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Originally the French Congo and the Belgian Congo, the left bank houses the Democratic Republic of Congo and on the opposite, right bank, is where the Republic of Congo is located.
With all of the space provided, the Congo river is home to a vast majority of African wildlife that include a very high variety of different species including around 700 species of fish, various types of reptiles with the majority of the such Crocodiles, around 265 species of birds, and rarely but still occur, water mammals. The Congo River is actually the site of many concentrated endemics, or species that are exclusive to the region. But the Congo is still a vast river, so large that ecosystems are split into different sections of the river instead of prioritizing it into one single ecoregion. The problem with this is that scientists have not studied large portions of the Congo, leaving many other inhabitants of the river undiscovered. Wherever humans occur near the water, fishing will also occur. Fishings occurrence is generally for two reasons: Either as a food source, or a source of payment. Although methods may be questionable, different techniques are implemented in different areas. Downstream of the Malebo pool, traps are put to use by attaching them to stakes or dams in the middle of rapids. In marshy areas, fishermen utilize poisons, which is questionable as if
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