Various Types Of Attacks On The Computer Network System

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Table of Contents Introduction 3 Thesis Statement 3 Various Types of Attacks on the Computer Network System 4 Direct Attacks 4 Indirect Attacks 4 Effective Database Security Techniques 5 Security through Cryptography 5 Security through Access Control 6 Security through Steganography 6 Security through data scrambling 7 Security through Miscellaneous Techniques 7 Conclusion 8 References 9 The Security Of Database Introduction In the contemporary times, it has been widely believed that the huge computer network platform is considered to be extremely beneficial in terms of making the entire community more informative (Martínez, et al, 2013). The technology of database has created a leading position for itself in the computing…show more content…
Direct Attacks This type of attack specifically means that the targeted data or sensitive information is attacked directly. Due to this, it has been observed that these targeted attacks are considered to be extremely obvious and they are successful only in the condition if the database is not protected by any sort of protection mechanism (Ahmad, et al, 2011). In case there is any protection system installed at the gateway, this type of attack is failed and the attacker proceeds to the next. Indirect Attacks In this type of attack, the attack is not aimed directly at the data or information, which is targeted. Rather, in an indirect attack, information about the target and from the target is achieved through various intermediate objects. Here, attackers usually use combination of keys as well as queries. Some of them are even used for the purpose of misdirecting and cheating the secure mechanism of database security (Ambler, 2012). These are considered to be extremely dangerous for the integrity of the information systems and are acutely tedious to track effectively. The attackers and hackers of this type of attack accomplish the attacks in a number of various ways. Passive Attack. The attackers of this type of attack are involved in the process of observing the data that is present in
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