Various Types Of Coffee Venues

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Included for discussion are various types of coffee venues such as coffee shops, which usually serve specialty drinks and desserts; espresso bars, which will also serve alcoholic beverages along with the drinks and desserts listed above; cafés, which usually serves specialty drinks, desserts, sandwiches, and soups; and coffeehouses, which is essentially the same thing as a café, except they also host live local gigs and present their customer with my space to sit and socialize with friends. Coffee shops are an interesting type of shop. On one hand, there is not a high profit margin in the sale of coffee and desserts; however, if additional product were to be sold on location, it may make it more profitable to have customers that want to…show more content…
They are then resold to the public. They usually sell generic products, which companies and families especially like because they can save money. In these types of stores, there are usually wide isles, with a basic layout, and offer a variety of merchandise from foods, furniture, electronics, and many other things. When shopping, customers usually have a list of items then need. They walk in, quickly shop, and then return home. Wholesale distributors don’t rely as much on ambiance, but instead, make a profit on the large quantities of goods on a daily basis. In order to market to this type of store, it will probably be beneficial to play background music with a slower tempo during the most active hours of the day, as studies have shown that people will naturally begin to walk in sync with the tempo of the song playing. Not only will the slower tempo music, encourage the shopper to spend more time in the store, it will also increase their likeliness of purchasing unintentional items. Department Stores (J.C. Penney’s, Macy’s). In department stores such as J.C. Penney’s and Macy’s this challenge will prove to be more difficult due to the number of atmospheres under one roof. In each section of the store, the manager should play music that has a good musical fit with the products being sold. For example, if there is one store that specializes in selling teenage girls’ clothes and
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