Various Types Of Literary Devices

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Many authors use different types of literary devices in order to communicate with their audience to portray their perspectives on real world problems or messages through the novel. Messages found in children’s books could be as simple as being kind to one another. The messages or the author’s perspectives found in adult novels could have more meaning to it. These messages could be about real world problems that exist today or in the past. Some authors could have strong opinions about these real life problems and express their opinions through their novels. For example, a real world problem that is often portrayed in novels is the roles of gender and their independence. According to the online dictionary, gender roles can be defined as, “the public image of being male or female that a person presents to others”. Independence can be defined as, “freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others”. In the early 1900s down in the South, gender roles and their independence was very prominent. Women who were white started to gain more independence, and their low paying jobs gave them a little more freedom. They started to develop their own identity instead of being identified by their husbands. While women who were African Americans did not get the same independence that white women got.They were still being identified based on their husbands, and they still had do all the responsibilities of a mother and will do the same things as men, like working on the
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