Various Views on Unethical Behavior Essay

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From the beginning of humanity, some form of principles about morals, right and wrong, professionalism, etc. has been established. In most cases these rules or codes were never officially recorded in earlier times, but they were naturally understood laws that governed human behavior. These laws have been transformed and molded through past centuries by the brilliant minds of philosophers such as Plato into a code of conduct that is categorized into what we now call ethics. Ethics has everything to do with the golden rule of treating others as you would like to be treated and the natural rights granted to everyday people. Humans have the right to life, physical integrity, and mental health; they have the right to maintain one’s level of…show more content…
Every engineer should follow these cannons (everybody in any profession should also) but, realistically, these rules are sometimes pushed aside. When the decision is made to overlook ethics, terrible things can sometimes happen. Engineering disasters occur every day, and I believe that most of the time it is material impurities/failure. However, an engineer isn’t perfect, and unethical behavior has been the cause of countless disasters such as the Challenger explosion, the Kansas City Hyatt Regency walkway collapse, etc. I want to know where engineers have gone wrong. What causes an engineer or anybody out there to make an unethical decision? Carelessness due to laziness, strict deadlines, and people higher up in command could all be factors behind disasters. The laziness and carelessness factor is a very broad subject when talking about ethics. Everything from cutting corners to make jobs easier to a

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