Vark Analysis

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VARK Analysis Paper

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VARK Analysis
The V.A.R.K. questionnaire is an assessment tool utilized by students to determine their individual learning style. The objective of this assignment is to complete the questionnaire, obtain the results, and compare those results to existing conceptions of learning style. This essay will also reflect upon how educators may utilize V.A.R.K. analysis and tailor the presentation of information to meet the needs of students with varying learning styles.
What is V.A.R.K.?
The V.A.R.K. analysis is a 16 question survey that evaluates how a student
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It is suggested that, for those with access to the internet, we provide the opportunity for follow up education via websites with additional videos, reading material, and written information on said topics (Weiss, 2010). In this author’s place of employment, part of the admission database is assessment of preferred learning style of the patient and the family. The facility offers, handouts, videos, one on one education time, and access to seminars and classes related to major health issues within our patient populations based on the responses to the database questions.
Being aware of learning style is beneficial for individuals in both teaching and learning roles. By knowing personal strengths and preferences, the learner is able to devise ways to augment and tailor the way in which information is received and processed regardless of the way it is presented. With that being said, those that are in teaching positions must make the realization that not everyone learns in the same manner. Being aware of this will lead the teacher to discover new ways to present information in a way that will address the needs of all members of the class. If all parties involved are knowledgeable of prominent styles within a group; the teaching learning environment can be much more effective.
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