Vark Analysis Essay

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VARK Analysis

VARK Analysis
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August 12, 2010

VARK Analysis There are several methods used to determine learning styles. “A learning style is, rather, a description of a process, or of preferences. Any inventory that encourages a learner to think about the way that he or she learns is a useful step towards understanding, and hence improving, learning” (Fleming, N., & Baume, D., 2006, p.4). . One of the most commonly used learning styles is the Fleming VARK model. VARK stands for visual, auditory, reading and writing and kinesthetic learners. This model focuses on the best way for a student to learn and retain new information based on sensory modality. “The only perceptual modes, or senses, it does not
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There are two different ways to be multimodal. One is to be context specific which means only one mode is chosen at a time to fit the situations. The second kind is to gather information from each preferred mode before he/she is satisfied. I believe that I am the second kind who gathers information using all my preferred modes. Because of this, it takes a longer amount of time for me to gather the information in order to learn and understand it. When I take notes in a class, I usually write down almost every word. By doing this I have great notes and references. Even though the VARK model predicted that I belong in the aural category also, I believe that I comprehend new information better with reading and writing. When I listen more to the speaker than I do writing I have found that I forget information quicker. I agree that I am multimodal, but not in equal degrees. For example when I am sitting in class I need to hear the speaker, but I am not completely focused on him/ her. Next, I write what I hear and am completely focused on making sure I get almost every word being said. Lastly, I read over the information as a mental review. By me learning in this manner, I believe it is the best way to achieve academic success.
Changes Needed There are necessary changes that I needed to make in my learning style. By me knowing now that I am strong in aural and reading/writing categories, I need to divide my attention equally between aural and reading and writing in class.

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