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VARK Analysis VARK Analysis April J. Bundy Grand Canyon University: 429V Family Health Promotions July 9, 2011 VARK Analysis VARK stands for visual, auditory, reading and writing and kinesthetic learners. When using VARK a person must understand that the questionnaire alerts people to the variety of different approaches to learning. It supports those who have been having difficulties with their learning and has particular applications in business, sport, training and education. This model focuses on the best way for a student to learn and retain new information based on sensory modality. (Fleming, 2011) When a student knows his/her learning style preferences, he/she is able to learn more effectively and store and…show more content…
Problem-based teaching is also rare in tertiary education though it would help because it uses a rich array of modes.” (Fleming, 1995) Personally, I have a hard time just sitting and reading something. I am easily distracted. I prefer to look at picture, have a visual or something that I can touch, watch or listen to. It is very helpful to this type of person to have recipes – solutions to problems; previous exam papers for example (Fleming, 2011). When writing a paper for class I always pull up an old paper to go over format, the grade on that paper, and the teacher recommendations so I don’t make the same mistakes on the next paper. During a lecture I often times will catch myself doodling on my paper when I should be taking notes. I often will remember the “real” things that happen. VARK helps recognize what will help different people with their different learning styles. VARK offers the SWOT – Study without tears as an example. They suggest converting your “notes” into a learnable package by reducing them. VARK suggests that your lecture notes maybe poor because the topics were

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