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VARK Analysis Paper Rebecca Rivera Grand Canyon University July 23, 2016 Abstract The acronym VARK stands for visual, aural, read and kinesthetic comprised if 16 question to analysis and gain a better understanding of personal learning styles (VARK a guide to learning styles, 2016). Understanding of personal learning style aids in the ability to teach others in a variety of styles to ensure that the learner has an understanding on new information. An analysis of an individual study will aid in the understanding of how the VARK learning styles can be applied. VARK Analysis Paper The VARK system was developed in 1987 by Neil Fleming to aid in understanding and providing strategies through a series of questions to evaluate how a…show more content…
Kinesthetically the learner would then be putting it into practice by the writing of this paper. Finally, the reading of the paper. This final step is critical in creating a complete development of understanding of how the learner learns. The use of several methods that stimulate a variety of senses helps to activate the learning process (Edelman, Mandle, & Kudzma, 2014, p. 218). Understanding learning styles can help in the development of self-learning and influence the teaching strategies that may be used in helping others understand new matter. For example, when teaching the VARK learning style having the learner complete the VARK questionnaire so that they can develop an understanding of how they learn would be great. In the real world life application, it completing a learning styles assessment is just not practical. It is the responsibility of the teacher to develop multimodal ways to deliver information. It would include something like a lecture with a handout in a possible power point format that include diagrams of how the information may be applied and complete it with a discussion to cement the information. The lecture appeals to the aural learner. The power point aids the reader along with the visual learners. How to apply the information stimulates the kinesthetic learner and the completion with an open discussion cements the information and gives the aural learner a chance to

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