Vark Analysis Paper

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The VARK Learning Style Assessment was designed by Neil Fleming in 1987. VARK stands for Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic sensory modalities that are used for learning information. His assessment is a questionnaire that asks an individual 16 questions pertaining to how they like to learn new information, specifically how they like to take in information, use it for effective learning and communicate this information to others effectively. Once an individual completes the questionnaire, either online or via paper format, his learning preferences will be identified as visual, aural, read/write, kinesthetic or multimodal. A visual learner prefers using visual resources such as diagrams, pictures, movies and videos. This learner…show more content…
A study of students in occupational therapy showed that by using the VARK features, it helped them to critically reflect on their fieldwork experiences and enhance their future learning. Another study showed how using the VARK assessment tool helped nurse mentors develop an effective teaching and learning strategy for their nursing students, both academically and clinically.
The VARK learning preference that was identified for Lori Goedecke after taking the VARK online questionnaire is the multimodal learning preference. Approximately 60% of any population fits into the multimodal learning preference. Multimodal learners vary in their scores on learning preferences and many combinations exist. Multimodal learners tend to be more flexible in how they learn, compared to someone who has a single VARK learning preference, and also tend to adapt to whatever learning preference is being used. Some multimodal learners will use one or two of the learning preferences to learn a given topic. These learners are labeled as VARK Type One. When a multimodal learner wishes to use all of their preferred modes of learning before they are satisfied that they have learned enough on the given topic and that they can trust that the information taken in is adequate, they are labeled VARK Type Two. Because they take longer to gather the information they feel is necessary, this multimodal learner may be labeled as a procrastinator or one who
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