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V.A.R.K. Learning Style Analysis
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Melanie Escobar, RN MSN
March 11, 2012

V.A.R.K. Learning Style Analysis
From the time of birth, individuals are constantly learning. Individual learning styles vary from person to person. It is essential to the education of the individual to learn the particular style of learning that best serves them. One particular analysis tool is the visual, aural, read/write, kinesthetic or V.A.R.K. tool (VARK, 2011). This tool allows the individual to identify their particular learning style which will better prepare them throughout their education.
My Learning Style
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My Preferred Learning Strategies
This student’s preferred learning strategy has always been that of the read/write category. She takes advantage of handouts, textbooks, and dictionaries when studying for quizzes and exams. She also prefers going to the library due to the atmosphere provided by this institution. To enhance learning the use of outlines and note cards have also been useful when studying. Visual aids accompanying the read/write category have been useful in obtaining good grades throughout advancement in education (VARK, 2011).
Comparison of my Learning Strategy with the Preferred Learning Strategy
This student’s preferred learning strategy compared to the learning strategy provided by V.A.R.K. is almost identical. The learning strategies that have been used throughout her education have always netted good results, which is evident by her grades. In the past other students have commented about her learning style and the amount of time spent on note taking, outlines, and writing out note cards, but she has perfected this process for her learning style.
Changes in Study Habits
After review of all learning strategies, some changes are needed to enhance learning of this student. More time needs to be spent using kinesthetic study strategies through hands on experimentation. She could also utilize the use of a recording device during classes, and then transcribe the lecture into the

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