Vark Learning Styles: Read/Write Learning Style

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VARK Learning styles: Read/write learning style

VARK Learning styles: Read/write learning style
Overview of the read/write learning style
The read/write learning style mainly makes the use of printed words to receive and convey learning information. Using the style enables one skill to become the input of another through the transfer of the ability to read to that of writing. The skills transfer is integral in raising the awareness of how the structural components involved in learning are shared in both reading and writing modalities (VARK, 2016). One of the reasons a leaner may choose to embrace the read/write learning style is because it facilitates cognitive concept mastery since it brings out the aspect of making
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In case the study consists of charts, diagrams, actions and reactions, one ought to change them into words or statements ( Routman, 2014). With correspondence to the listed personal strategies, the VARK strategies require that an individual ought to write the principles and ideas from the intake sources into other words (VARK, 2016). Reading notes again and again silently is another VARK strategy which can be compared to developing questions as indicated in the personal strategies. Writing words again and again as a preferred VARK strategy is the strategy that somehow challenges the personal strategies but it can be partly linked to reading the notes, summary and the developed questions again and again to enhance mastery
How teaching and learning is influenced by the awareness of the learning style, preference and strategies
Read/write learning style has significant influences on both teaching and learning; hence, determining how a teacher should execute the teaching role and how a student receives and retains concepts. The use of reading/ writing style exercises metacognition in learning, thereby, positively influencing learning. The style compels learners to be engaged in metacognitve processes, then enables them to regulate and attend to cognitive processes (Heeney, n.d). On the other hand, the awareness of the reading/writing learning style influences the mode of

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