Varsity Blues Critical Analysis

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Michael Czerniakowski
Varsity Blues Critical Analysis
Doctor Gracier
1 December 2014 From our Axial to our Appendicular, to our anatomical and physiological assessment, the human body works in unison to perform as a functioning unit. In this paper, it is intended for the readers to accomplish a level of understanding of the many injuries that can occur to the human body, especially during a physical sport such as football. In a small town in Texas, the West Canaan Coyotes were celebrated for their historical and present day accomplishments on the football field. Led by head football coach Bud Kilmer (Jon Voight), it is his responsibility to recognize any foreseeability of harm. The appropriate and inappropriate management and care of injuries sustained by certain individuals is revealed under the bright lights of Friday Night. In the game of football, it is said that a team is only as good as their quarterback, and although that statement may be partially correct, it is the burden of the offensive line to protect the quarterback so he can fulfill expectations. Without any protection, the quarterback could be as good as gone. As Billy Bob (Ron Lester) was clearing the pathway for his quarterback Lance Harbor (Paul Walker), Billy Bob collided with two of the opposing players, which resulted in a cerebral concussion. Billy Bob’s injury resulted from a traumatic biomechanical blow to the head but it is important to note that concussions can occur from a blow to the…
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