Varsity Blues : Sports Related Injuries

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The movie Varsity Blues is riddled with sports related injuries. The audience is shown the dangers of playing while injured, as well as the consequences of the immense pressure put on student athletes. In almost all cases of injury in the movie, the treatment of these injuries is carried out entirely wrong. While watching the movie, the audience sees injuries ranging from torn ligaments and muscle strains to a broken nose, a concussion, and dehydration. The first instance of injury the audience witnesses in the movie is star quarterback Lance Harbor’s knee. Harbor is shown in the athletic training room in the locker room and Jonathan Moxon sees him receive some type of shot to the knee. Coach Kilmer and a member of the medial team are present. During the second game shown in the movie, Harbor is sacked and injured and he is taken off the field on a stretcher by EMS. At the hospital, the doctor tells everyone that the surgery went well but based on the scar tissue in his knee, Harbor should not have even been playing. The coach says that Harbor never told him of any pain and Moxon fails to speak up about the shots and painkillers Harbor had been taking. From what is shown in the movie, it can be reasoned that Harbor had some kind of existing knee injury. At one point during the season, he probably sprained one or all of the ligaments in his knee due to overstretching or overload, which would have produced a stretching or tearing force on the ligament. Depending on the

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