Varying Concepts of Freedom

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Introduction At the end of Civil War, Union General William T. Sherman talked with the group of blacks of Savannah who were recently freed. The group was comprised of educators, ministers, and leaders of black community. What Sherman wanted was to know how these freed black group thought about their status now and how they survived in a society that once made them slaves. They answered clearly that freedom mean the capability to develop from one’s own labor and what was necessary to do this was the access to land. What was Freedom? The understanding of freedom of African-Americans was simply molded by their experiences as slaves and how they observed the free society surrounding them. African-Americans were delighted with the chance…show more content…
This has marked the beginning of Radical Reconstruction or the Congressional Reconstruction. In 1867, Congressional Reconstruction began with the First Act or the Military Reconstruction Act. The bill had lessened the secessionist states to little conquered territory and divided them into five military districts. Each district was governed by a Union General. The Congress declared martial law in the territories that dispatched troops in order to maintain peace and protect the former slaves. Moreover, the congress declared that Southern states had to redraft their constitutions, thereby ratifying the 14th Amendment. This has given suffrage to African Americans to find readmission to the Union. Republicans passed the Second Reconstruction Act that placed the Union troops in charge of voter registration. The effect of Radical reconstruction on blacks was little. Radical republicans in Congress continued to pass legislation rights but Southerners ignored these laws. New Southern governments build schools but were still separated and were not receiving enough funds. Literacy rate did improve but were still not the best (Radical Reconstruction, 2011). Two Concepts of Liberty There are several interpretations of freedom. Throughout our history, it has been constantly changing even though the exact meaning of it is to be free from the oppression. Nonetheless, the
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