Varying Definitions of Consensual Sex

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Varying Definitions of Consensual Sex and Their Effects on College Students Kyla McGirr Eastern Kentucky University Abstract One of the greatest issues, by far, with our society today is the struggle with consensual sex, and what the boundaries for sexual relations between a male and a female are. What exactly is sexual consent and should it be given before not only sex involving penetration, but so many other kinds of sensual scenarios, too. In the Journal of Sex Research, the authors experiment with the parameters of sexual assault and give it a rather straightforward definition. Sexual assault is the nonconsensual sexual activity obtained through…show more content…
While it may seem obvious that consent applies to far more than, “Hey, Can I ... With You?” too many of us have been with significant others who don’t understand that getting a clear sign of consent is key to engaging in any sexual relation, including sex. According to Jozkowski and Peterson (2014), there are several educational initiatives that focus on the promotion of consent, and how to prevent unwanted consent, or how to reduce the likelihood that a sexual assault could occur. A riveting 15 to 40% of women report having experienced a sexual assault during their lifetimes (Jozkowski & Peterson, 2014). Many colleagues of Jozkowski have assessed the consent of sexual activity and how males and females communicate and interpret those verbal and nonverbal cues, however it was Humphrey’s and his colleagues that provided an “empirical examination” of how college students perceive consent by developing a scale called the Sexual Consent Scale. The measure was developed to assess college students’ viewpoints on sexual consent and what embodies the overall consent. The researchers focused on the importance of explicitly establishing a consent prior to sexual activity, how commitment reduces the need to ask for consent, whether consent is negotiated as a one-time event or process, and general awareness and discussions of consent among peers and partners (Jozkowski & Peterson, 2014). The Consent to Scale theory helped

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