Essay on Varying Ideas on What Makes a Just Society

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Philosophers from the ancient times to philosophers of today and the modern society all have voiced their opinions on how a government should be set up and ruled in order to have a just society. Some philosophers say that the government is corrupt and unjust while others argue that the government controls fairly and appropriately. The two main positions that philosophers believe are resources in society should be distributed to obtain common good and live life as long as you do not infringe on others. The laws and rules the United States government currently has in place today often originate from these philosophers ideas and work to maintain a just society. The definition of a just society can be described as a society with equality and…show more content…
In his book he also described how the ideal life should be lived by all people in society. Plato believed in five regimes of government: Aristocracy, timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy, and Tyranny but argued that a democracy was the best for the people in a society. Tyranny is the worst according to Plato because it causes chaos and Oligarchy causes a society to split between the rich and poor. Plato said that democracy was best for its people because it is stable, fair, and provides safety for its people through natural rights. Democracy evenly distributes goods to everyone and Montesquieu strongly agreed with Plato’s philosophies on government ruling. Baron de Montesquieu philosophies on government are the most influential to the United States government today and how the people living in the states are governed. He uses some of the same ideas that Plato once voiced in The Republic about democracy and forms of government. Baron De Montesquieu said the main purpose of government is to maintain law and order, political liberty, and property of the individual. Separation of powers was a big idea and Montesquieu called the two types of government the Sovereign and the Administrative. The Administrative form of government involves the judicial, legislative and the executive branches and is most like the democracy that the United States uses today. Montesquieu also is antithetical to any
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