Vasectomy Versus Tubal Liigation Procedure

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For this weeks discussion to talk about the subject vasectomy versus tubal ligation and the breakdown of the anatomical changes and risks when these procedures are done. According to Saladin a vasectomy and tubal ligation procedures can be done for people who are absolutely sure that they no longer want to have children. This is especially true because trying to reverse these procedures can be very expensive and the reversal of the procedures aren’t usually very successful (Saladin, 2015).
A vasectomy is a very interesting procedure in which the tube that carries sperm from the testicles to the penis gets cut, clamped or in some way blocked. This tube is called the vas deferens and once it is cut or clamped the sperm can no longer mix with the semen which causes a pretty effective birth control. According to WebMD “Because the tubes are blocked before the seminal vesicles and prostate a person will still ejaculate the same amount of fluid” (WebMD, n.d.). WebMD also states that sperm is still being produced by the testicles after the vasectomy has been
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This procedure is done to “prevent the eggs from traveling to the ovaries and into the fallopian tube where the egg would be fertilized by the sperm” (WebMD, n.d.). There are different methods to perform this procedure and the method to be performed depends on the patient’s individual situation. A person can even choose to have this procedure performed a day or two after giving birth. According to WebMD this procedure can be performed under general anesthesia or can be done by regional anesthetic and usually the patient can go home the very same day. As with any form of birth control a vasectomy and tubal legation are not 100% effective. Although its rare there is a very slight chance that the vas deferens and the uterine tubes can grow back together (WebMD,
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