Vases In Greek Art

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The piece of artwork that I am standing by is a vase crafted by the Greeks around the early classical period of Ancient Greece. This vase is an example of the famous technique called red-figured pottery, with this technique the figures and images that resemble people and objects are a red-orange color and these figures float in a black background. In order for this technique to work the Greeks had to paint the whole pot in slip, then once the slip was leather hard they would carefully carve out the figures and designs with special tools and needles to get the effect and depth they wanted. Once the images are all carved out they would then fire the pot in a kiln, they had to do this in a specific way so the slip that was still surrounding the pottery would…show more content…
The vase I saw at the Art Institute of Chicago is known as a stamnos, and these types of vases were used to store and hold liquids, like their drinking water. Each vase had its own unique story and the Greeks told these stores through the carvings and paintings crafted into them. These images are very detailed in their expressions, clothing, and designs surrounding the pottery, with these details we get an idea of what life was like during those times some through their images depicting Gods or the others that depicted religious rituals. In this particular vase, we can see there are three women and crane standing around what appears to be an altar. This piece gives off a very spiritual and elegant vibe, With the flowing lines and the way the drapery falls of the women’s bodies it gives it a sophisticated and delicate look. As you can see these women are all in composite view their face and legs are facing towards the side while their torso is facing the front. the woman farthest left is raising up an object that appears to be a mirror, she is stretching out her arm and looking towards the mirror almost like she is about to hand it off to someone. The woman in the middle
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