Vashon High School Observation Report

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I chose Vashon high school, which is the nearest high school to me. When looking at the data for Vashon I went back three years. The total discipline incident rate per 100 students in 2013 was 89 (9.90%), 2014 103 (11.90%), and 2015 173 (26.80%). As you can see in 2015 there was a very noticeable increase in incidents. 2015 saw a major increase in violence in the city of Saint Louis specifically inner city, predominately African American neighborhoods, I would question whether or not this had any effect on delinquency in schools, when children are exposed to violence they may act out hence the increase in incidents. Next I looked at the dropout rate, in 2013 27.30% of students dropped out, 2014 32.90% and in 2015 44.30% of students dropped
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