Vassar Classroom Observation Report

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My phone rings. “I got into Vassar!” my brother exclaims. “Vassar?” I respond. That was three years ago. Fortunately for me, I now know about Vassar College and I have seen first-hand how Vassar promotes growth by intertwining a diverse student body with dedicated professors. During my first visit in late October of 2015, I stayed with my brother in his dorm for a weekend. While I formally met the campus through a student-led tour, I found that I truly got to know it after I ate cafeteria pizza for the third meal in a row, and studied in the library for six hours straight (I aced the test when I got home). Acclimated to campus life in seventy-two short hours, I knew that college life - Vassar College life - was for me. While I will be majoring in film with a minor in Arabic language and culture, Vassar’s open curriculum allows me to take courses in different topics I am interested in (and trust me, there’s a lot).…show more content…
Enveloped in a student body that fosters activism, I can voice my opinions and have them challenged at the same time - further broadening my perspectives. While on campus I plan to start my own podcast on the school’s local radio station, WVKR, discussing social issues on campus and in the city of Poughkeepsie. Alongside this, I look forward to constructing an organization called Poughkeepsie United that will motivate students and citizens of Poughkeepsie to work alongside one another in local community projects. My goal, by creating this organization, is to help dismantle the social bubble that currently surrounds
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