Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

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It is a cosmic organization. And it is an organization by the people, of the people and for the people. It is absolutely organic and existential. It is basically built on the very need of the existence. I strongly believe that the very need of the existence has to be the need of every individual. We are all here to fulfill that individual need and in turn fulfill the very need of the existence. We all in our lives have seen and come across many organizational structures. There are organizations that are commercial and profit making. Their very purpose is economic in nature. Their very objective is profit making. There are organizations that are social organizations. Their very objective is to achieve some kind of social objective by…show more content…
We all live in that family. We all belong to that family. And we all come out of that family and associate with one of the above organizations and fulfill in some way our various individual needs. All our needs are basically three-fold: Business, Social and Spiritual. We all want to basically fulfill our Survival, Social and Spiritual needs. We all act and interact with one another in some way and try to make this world a better and beautiful place to live. We are all a World Wide Web of so many relationships. Can this whole world be just one cosmic family? This could only be an imagination and hope at this point in time. This seems and appears to be a distant possibility and a greatest challenge. To some Vedic and Upanishadic sages, Buddhas and Mystics this has been a great dream. Computer scientists and information technologists have been successful in tying all the computers and all the information of the whole world in one common thread of a network. This is where Scott McNealy of the Sun Microsystems has once said that the Network is the Computer. The computer network of the whole world has become one big computer. It has become a digital nervous system of the whole world. This has been made possible at the level of a machine but the same is not becoming made possible at the level of all the human beings of the whole world. Can this be possible? Can the whole world
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