Vawa Act Of 1994 Essay

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A (Approach)
The goals of the VAWA act of 1994 was to change attitudes toward domestic violence, foster awareness of domestic violence, improve services and provisions for victims, and revise the manner in which the criminal justice system responds to domestic violence and sex crimes. The VAWA is available to all regardless of income and assets. The policy is also aimed to meeting immediate and long-range goals. Focuses on punishment more than actual prevention and elimination of violence against women.
N (Need)
The needs that were aimed to be met by the VAWA of 1994 were to hold rapist accountable for their crime by strengthening federal penalties, mandating that victims are not forced to bear the expense of their own rape exams or for protection orders, increasing rates of prosecution, conviction and sentencing, and educating police. The VAWA has ensured that victims and their families have access to the services such as the National Domestic Violence Hotline. The legislation created programs within the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services that aimed to reduce domestic violence and improve response to and recovery from domestic violence incidents.
A (Assessment)
Although the policy was made with good intentions to decrease violence against women it was
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The policy has been able to make a difference in the social problem by provided grants at the state level to implement the goals of the policy.
S (Social Justice)
The VAWA of 1994 seeks to protect women from violence by providing resources such as free exams and protection orders. This act seeks social justice for women that have been victims of violence. Also, the policy has goals to education personnel in how to react and professionally handle violence against women. Prosecution has also been a main goal of the policy and through the education of judges and police forces the prosecution rate
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