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Running head: VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION CASE STUDY Virginia Department of Transportation Case Study A high-performance business or body, time after time, attains excellence whilst fashioning a first-rate work atmosphere (Schermerhorn, 2010). The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) was once considered a premier transportation department, but over the years their reputation had become damaged due to budget overruns and a public perception that VDOT could not do its job. When Mark Warner was elected governor of Virginia in 2001, he wanted a new commissioner for VDOT that had private sector experience to turn VDOT around. His search led him to appoint Philip Shucet, a transportation engineer with both public and…show more content…
This increased workloads and reduced the communication. VDOT had lost a significant portion of their most knowledgeable workers to early retirements and resources needed to be devoted to improving the knowledge and skills of the current workforce. Diversity is a challenge in all organizations, but was not specifically addressed in this case study. The final challenge is change, which is often difficult for large, bureaucratic organizations like VDOT. There was much that needed to change, from the organizational structure, to communications, to major procedures such as budgeting and tracking of projects. Private businesses are forced to change to keep pace with competition. However, until Shucet arrived, VDOT did not have the necessary motivators to implement the necessary changes. Environmental Analysis The specific and general environment conditions played a pivotal role in the effectiveness and trustworthiness of the VDOT organization before Shucet was hired. The organization was barraged with scrutiny from both ends of the hierarchical spectrum. The politicians in Virginia created an impression that VDOT was both poorly managing and severely under-funding their proposed projects. Virginia citizens were also criticizing VDOT wondering and if their tax dollars were being spent properly (Darden, 2005). VDOT is a government organization that must face the pressures of scrutiny from many groups and should have had answers to provide the
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