Vee's Transformation Character Analysis

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In the book, Nerve, by Jeanne Ryan, the main character Vee changes significantly. She goes from having few friends and knowing very few people to becoming famous. She goes from being cowardly and afraid to take risks to the bravest character in the story. Finally, she goes from being shy and unsure of her identity to unapologetically being herself. In the beginning of the story, Vee is extremely shy and reserved. She is a mousy teenage girl who lives in her best friend’s shadow. She has a small, tight-knit friend group that she rarely branches out of.Vee grows sick of being known as a pushover who is unafraid to voice her opinion, so she decides to film an audition for a game show called NERVE. She films herself doing a risky dare and posts…show more content…
In the beginning of the story, she dreams of going to an expensive school for fashion after she graduates. However, she is extremely discouraged and doesn’t know how to get there. She is also unsure if she wants to leave home and if she’s capable of being on her own. After competing in the game show, she learns a lot of things about herself. She learns how to get what she wants by using her wit and charm. She sees that taking risks are worth it, and she finally realizes she has what it takes to fulfill her dreams. Although she is unsure about going to fashion school at the end of the novel, she knows who she is and what she can do. In Jeanne Ryan’s novel, Nerve, the main character changes significantly. This story shows that taking risks may be worth it, and confidence is the key to success. Although the game show puts Vee in extremely tough situations, she learns a lot about herself as she fights through them. However, I feel mixed emotions about this novel. It is a thriller and has a quite interesting plot, but I think the author could have executed it better. It seems very similar to many other futuristic novels, which makes it somewhat boring at times. Overall, I thought this book was worth the read, as its plot is very

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