Vegan Diet Benefits

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“A vegan is defined as; a person who refrains from using any animal product whatsoever for food, clothing, or any other purpose.”

When someone asks you to think of where your food comes from, you will most likely imagine cows grazing in an open field, pigs rolling around in mud happily, or even chickens laying eggs in a warm coop, free to go wherever they would like?
If that's what you believe, then you are completely wrong.
Places like this barley even exist any more. Cows are not happy, grazing in a field, pigs are not rolling around in mud and chickens are not free to go where they want. Instead, cows are forced into pregnancy to produce an abnormal amount of milk. The milk they're producing is not even in fact for them nor their new
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I watch documentaries upon documentaries, I read countless amounts of books, articles and blogs. I like to know that my body is healing from the damage I put it through. That the whole, natural foods I'm consuming are not continuing to deteriorate my health. I am an anorexia survivor and I truly believe a main factor to my recovery and survival is following and educating myself on a vegan diet.

We all want to help preserve this beautiful life giving planet we call home. We may not know what we can do to reduce our destructive impact on the environment. But the answer is simple and it is staring us in the face three times a day.
Going vegan is one of the most powerful things a human can do to respect and protect the world they live in. A long time ago Albert Einstein said: “Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” Fast forward 70 years and the damage wreaked by the meat and dairy industries has reached massive proportions.
My mind is always completely blown by facts that are scientifically proving how vegans are saving the planet and meat, dairy and animal products are ruining it. Why are we destroying the planet we live on when we can just do the most simple, logical thing - GO
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