Vegan Diet Research Paper

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No, I don’t agree that a vegan-diet is a completely balanced diet. You do not get all the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs, what it craves to help it to become healthier and stronger. My opinion is that a vegan diet is a stupid diet because you basically starve your body by not giving it what it needs and this information backs me up.

Vegans do not get many different nutrients needed for the body. Humans are omnivores and our bodies work better if we eat both animals and plants. There are some nutrients that you can only get from plants and some that you can only get from animals and vegans are missing out on the animal nutrients such as vitamin B12 which is not found in many plants and B12 is a very important vitamin that is involved in the function of every cell in the body. It is also important in the function of blood and the function of the brain. That is just one of the nutrients that vegans miss out on by only eating foods that don’t come from any living thing. Here are some nutrients that are only found in
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4) Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) is the most active form of Omega-3 fatty acids in the body and mostly found in animal foods
5) Cholesterol is a crucial molecule in the body and is part of every cell membrane. It is also used to make steroid hormones like testosterone. Studies show that saturated fat intake helps with testosterone levels.
So basically vegans have fewer nutrients in their bodies that they need and would help their cells and all they also have a lower testosterone level then meat eaters due to the lack of cholesterol and saturated fats.

So my conclusion is that a vegan diet is a completely unbalanced diet and that just eating foods that don’t have anything to do with animals is not completely healthy. We are omnivores and have always been why change that if it isn’t broke then please don’t fix
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