Vegas 's Branding Strategy Over The Years

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hapter 9 1. Given the multiple changes is Vegas’s branding strategy over the years, I feel that the brand has remained consistent because it has always retained its “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” motto consumers see this as a place to have fun, and go wild. As the city moves into its future this could either hinder or help its progress; if Vegas wants to move towards a family friendly atmosphere, the motto could hinder it, contrastingly if Vegas wants to maintain its appeal the motto could help that along. 2. (a) Chefs could be looked at as a facilitating product in restaurants; without a chef the consumer cannot eat at a restaurant. (b) In a hotel, complementary water in the mini fridge is a supporting product; when a hotel does this they add value and are set apart from competition. (c) At Rain Forrest Café the sounding atmosphere with fish tanks, animal figures, nature sounds, and thunder shows is an augmented product; people go to see the show and not just to eat. 3. AIRMARK might want to pay royalties to Burger King for branded food, because the brand equity that Burger king provides can bring more consumers into the AIRMARK cafeterias and therefore bring in more revenue. Also the brand has a large great brand recognition, consumers know what Burger King is, and they may be loyal to the brand. 4. As a hotel restaurant manager I would compile new product ideas from customers, employees, distributors, suppliers, and competitors. Out of all of these categories,

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