Vegemite Marketing Mix Essay

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Executive summary 1

Company objective 2

Market Overview 2

Market category 2

Market size 3

Market Potential 3

Market Structure 4

Trends 4

Demographic 4

Culture 4

Economic 4

Natural 5

Technological 5

Social 5

Political 6

Competitor 6

Factors influence on consumer behaviour 6

Segmentation 7

Internal analysis 8

Product 8

Price 9

Promotion 9

Place 10

SWOT Analysis 10

Strength 10

Weakness 11

Opportunities 11

Threat 11

Conclusion 12

List of reference 12

Appendix A 13

Appendix B 14

Appendix C 14
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Moreover, the price level will always compete one to another. As a result, there is a strong barrier for other companies to enter the same market. Which ultimately it will only encourage those three companies to continue their dominance of the market share of spreads.



In the year ending 31 December 2009, Australia's estimated resident population (ERP) had increased by 433,000 people to 22.2 million, a 2.0% increase from December 2008. This followed growth of 460,000 people (or 2.2%) between December 2007 and December 2008. The rate of population growth has become considerably faster since the mid-2000s. Over the two decades prior to 2006, the annual growth rate had averaged 1.3%, adding an average of 234,000 people per year in that period. The recent growth rate of around 2% per year is faster than at any other time in the past several decades, and faster than nearly all other developed countries.


Australia’s population is culturally and ethnically diverse. As at June 2010, there were 22.3 million residents in Australia, around one-quarter of the population was born overseas and many residents who were born in Australia have a parent who was born in another country. Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders represent 2.3% of the population


Research conduct that despite the strong economic growth of recent years, most multi-nationals company in Australia regularly

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